Step 1:

The initial examination is a fact finding mission, so we can put together a customized treatment plan that addresses your chief concerns and desired treatment outcome.

Step 2:

For your convenience, we have all our forms emailed prior to your appointment that you can fill out! This allows us to verify your insurance and prepare ahead! Upon your visit you will be greeted by our friendly staff and provided with any forms that have yet to be completed.

Step 3:

Our Treatment Coordinator will then welcome you to our office. Preliminary records will be taken. These consist of a panoramic and cephalometric x-ray. Additional x-rays may be taken if Dr. Gupta thinks they will be helpful in diagnosing your case. Clinical photographs will always be taken as well as models of your teeth with a sophisticated digital scanner that provides us with 3D models which aids us further in your case diagnosis.

Step 4:

You will then be accompanied to our consultation room where Dr. Gupta will then do a detailed clinical examination. He will then go over all the findings and present you with treatment options that address your chief concerns and overall health and function. During this case presentation, all further questions and concerns will be addressed.

Step 5:

Once you have a clear understanding of your treatment goals and objectives, the treatment coordinator will review the policies and procedures of our office. We will work with you so that there are no obstacles between you and the smile of your dreams!
Once again, we welcome you to Brookfield Orthodontics!