Braces are not as scary as most teens think. Technology has advanced a lot in recent years, providing us with newer styles of braces. The result is a faster, more comfortable, and more effective treatment. Braces come in different colors, styles, and materials, so your teen can customize their look and express their personality.

The first thing most patients wonder when they have to get braces is how long they will have to wear them. There is no easy answer to this question because it depends on several factors.
For example, it depends on how early we catch the problem, what needs to be fixed, how your teeth respond to treatment, and how willing you are to follow directions.

It is typically recommended that children begin seeing an orthodontist at the age of seven. The earlier you catch a problem, the easier the problem can be to treat. There are also times when we find a problem, but may have put off treatment until they are older.

You are a key factor in how well your braces work. You need to take care of your braces and other appliances, as well as follow all directions to ensure a smooth and speedy treatment.

How long you need to wear braces depends on what needs to be fixed. Some problems are minor and just need small adjustments, while other malocclusions (bad bites) are more complicated and take longer to fix. Every patient responds to treatment differently. Some teeth move quicker than others, so a treatment that takes one person only a few months may take another person longer.

There are also several types of braces including traditional metal, ceramic, lingual, and invisible.

Another common question that teens have is regarding food. Essentially, you’ll need to avoid chewy, crunchy, sticky, and hard foods. Corn on the cob, apples, carrots, and other hard foods that you need to bite into should be avoided or should be cut into small pieces before consuming.

Braces are quite common in teenagers. We offer several different styles and design choices to make the experience as fun as possible. It’s always important to remember that braces are only temporary, and will leave you with a dazzling, life-long smile!

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